Curriculum Letter One

Letter, A. R. Benton to Board of Regents

Letter From A. R. Benton Regarding Latin School Name Change

    The Committee on Course of Study to whom was
referred so much of the Chancellor's Report - or relates
to the names of the Latin School, and the name of the
Principal thereof, by learn to report.

    While it is convenient to designate the department
of instruction in which the more Elementary brances are taught
as the Latin School, and the instruction as the Principal
of such school, and while the tutorial character of the
work done is clearly set forth in the announcements of the
University, it seems to your committee desireable
to change the names both of the school and Principle
so as to avoid misinterpretation, and to conform to the
language of the act organizing the University.
By that act no new departmetn, or new professorship
can be created except by the legislation. All who
Enter the University classes, are members of the university
proper, and are to by taught by Professors follwing the
designated chairs of instruction. Or by tutors elected to
assist the various Professors.

    In order therefore, that the form of the law
may be observed as well as the spirit: your committees
[----------Illegible due to folding-------------]
year be classified in the Register as Sub freshmen;
and that the ^assistant instructors ^now questioned be styled respectfully assistant professor of
Ancient and Modern Languages, and assistant professor of natural sciences.
This in the stimation of your Committee would fully
set forth the tutorial character of thses assistant professor, and
at the same time distract nothing from their influence and
standing among the studnets, should this recommendation
of your committee be concerned in. Prof Church, moved in the
forth coming Register be styled Assistnat Professor of Ancient +
modern Languages, and Prof. Bailey, assistant Professor of
Natural Sciences.

All of which is respectfully submitted

AR Benton

Com. of Course of Study