Spring Fever

The Freshman Scrapbook May 1926

Spring Fever


I'm jes all in, got no ambish

‘Cept to go out somewhere and fish;

Plumb fagged out, and don’t know why.

I see the clouds go floating by,

And all the time I’m sitting here

I’m wishin’ quittin’ time was near –

Jes’ sit and wish and wish and wish.


I see the bee go buzzin’ round

For some sweet flower hunger-bound;

I marvel at his busy-ness –

How does he ‘scape this dizziness?

I see the birds go wingin’ by

Under the warm and drowsy sky,

But I jes’ wallow in laziness.


What can a feller do but doze,

A sloughin’ off his college pose,

An’ scrappin’ all those pesky books,

Into which Nature never looks;

Yet she can teach me, wonder-wise,

The myst’ries of the vaulted skies

And all the glory of the rose.


J. S. Williams, The Freshman Scrapbook, May 1926