Dawn in Egypt

The Kiote February 1898 Cover

Dawn in Egypt


Soft in the rays of the silvery goddess.

            Queen of the Night,

Silently floweth the Father of Waters

            Kissed by her light.


Bathed in the beams of the Mother of Magic,

            Temple and tomb

Massively brood by the on-gliding river

            Barred with their gloom.


Loved of the waves of the murmuring waters

            Lapping at her feet,

Floateth afar the faint breath of the Lotos –

            Sweet, ah, so sweet!


Lo! in the East the pale rose-bush of dawning

            Bursteth in morn!

Wide o’er the land the priests chant from the temples,

            “Horus is born!”


H.B. Alexander

The Kiote, February 1898