The Freshman Scrapbook May 1925



I am, nor otherwise desire to be

            A scion of the earth’s most virile age.

            Of time? I ask but time my strength to gauge.

            Of place? No matter where I should not flee.

With joy I view the world’s complexity.

            If great the difficulty, huge the wage;

            If large the audience, then good the stage.

            I fail unmarked; I win, the world’s for me.

I know no jealous god, I have no fear.

            While others hide their face, my eyes are clear.

            I know my finite life, nor ask for more.

Of laws, know this, no law but this endure;

            Thine own true present happiness ensure,

            For thy own judgement is to thee most sore.


Grey Stone

The Freshman Yearbook, 1925