By Moonlight

The Kiote February 1900

By Moonlight


I love this quiet moon-lit winter night

            When all the prairie round so wide and far

Is snowy-mantled, and each twinkling star

Burns like a rajah’s jewel, large and bright;


The clear cold moon floods down its silver light,

            And from each post or tree a blue-black bar

            Of shadow falls athwart the earth, to mar

The far-spread ermine robe of virgin white


That covers all. Here by the sod-house door

     I stand and listen; mystic, strange, but clear

            There comes sweet music, all the breathless air

Vibrates ecstatic, and my heart feels more

     Celestial joy, though sordid my lot here,

            Than earth-born mortals have the right to share.


Schuyler W. Miller

The Kiote, February 1900