The Kiote

Andrews Hall

The Kiote was published from February 1898 through June of 1901, which encompassed 4 separate volumes and a total of 34 editions. Publication was not always constant, and often times multiple months were combined into one, but at its onset a new edition was published every month, containing all new original works by UNL students. 

The Kiote cost 10 cents in February of 1898. The price decreased to 5 cents a copy in October of the same year, and stayed at that price until May of 1900 when it jumped back up to 10 cents a copy. The first edition was bound in a green, felt-like paper with front and back pages devoted to local ads (presumably to keep up the cost of printing). 

The Kiote enjoyed a relatively succesful publication run. Students and faculty alike enjoyed the publication of the works, both in showcasing students' work and exposing the development of the University's English department.

The subsequent pages are all excerpts from The Kiote accompanied by occasional scans of the original works. They are all listed in chronological order by date of publication. By reading these works, the true picture of the University and life in the Great Plains during the turn of the century can be distinguished.