Faculty, Samuel Avery

Samuel Avery portrait<br />

Samuel Avery, Ph. D. was a professor of agricultural chemistry at the University of Nebraska.  He recieved his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska in 1892 and got his doctorate from Heidelberg University in 1896.  Avery returned to his undergraduate alma mater, the University of Nebraska, to teach and would become one of the most recognized professors of his time.  Avery became the interim chancellor of the university in 1908 after Andrews's resignation.  His interim job would soon become a permanent one and Avery would remain as the chancellor of the University of Nebraska until 1927. 

After his chancellorship, Avery returned to his job as a professor of chemistry and resumed his duty as the leader of the department of chemistry.  Avery was respected by his colleagues for his hand's on perspective on chemistry and his belief that "chemistry is best taught and learned in the laboratory".  Avery was a student-oriented professor who wasn't concerned with his personal accomplishments, but rather measured his success by the success of his students.  Avery's passion for teaching and inspiring his pupils led to the dedication of Avery Laboratory (now Avery Hall) in 1916.  The building now houses the Mathematics Department, Mathmatics and Computer Education, and a branch of the Statistics Department (American).