Faculty, Roscoe Pound

Roscoe Pound portrait

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Nathan Roscoe Pound received his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in botany from the University of Nebraska.  During his years as a student at the university, Roscoe Pound would work closely with many prominent faculty members, namely Charles Bessey.  Though he had a professional education in botany, Pound's family background likely influenced his surprising career choice.  As the son of a lawyer and judge, Pound decided to leave behind his education in botany and pursue a degree in law.  He began his study at Harvard University, but returned to Nebraska after only one year to start his own practice, without an official degree.  Pound's knowledge of law was so astounding that he was admitted to the Nebraska Bar and allowed to teach at the University of Nebraska after only one year of schooling.  Roscoe Pound was a professor of law at the university from 1899 to 1907 (Roscoe). 

Pound not only shaped the college of law at Nebraska, but he was prominent supporter of the University of Nebraska football team.  Called "Nebraska's first die-hard fan", Roscoe Pound would follow the team to games, make up cheers, and even officiate games for the team.  It was Pound's enthusiasm and dedication the people would claim "formed the basis of Nebraska fan behavior" (Husker).  Pound left the University of Nebraska in 1908 to work his way through many colleges and eventually become the Dean of Harvard Law School.  Though Pound's time teaching at the University of Nebraska was brief, he undoubtedly left his legacy, not only in his work as a professor but as a student and a supporter of Nebraska football.