Statistics and Interesting Facts

In 1907, tuition for non-resident students at the University of Nebraska was $30.  That would be around $693 in today's money (Friedman)!

Article, "$66,667 from Mr. Rockefeller"

The $66,667 that Rockefeller donated in 1904, would be approximately $1,596,640 today.  And the $33,333 that came from the "friends of the university" would be about $798,310.  Making the total donation $100,000 in 1904, which would be around $2,394,950 today (Friedman)!

Coach Walter Booth

During his final year as Coach, Walter Booth made just under $2,000. In today's dollars this would be around $47,900. At the time he was paid more than any professor on campus.