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Student Projects

2015 Projects:

  1. Sara Benal, "Clifford M. Hardin, Chancellor and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture."
  2. Kourteny Meysenburg, "The Beginnings of the UNL Classics Department: An Inquiry into Influence." Sponsored by UCARE

2013 Projects:

  1. Grace Thomas, "Grace Coppock, Among the Most Loved Women in China" Internship, Archives & Special Collections, English Department
  2. Hannah Vahle, "Morrill Hall: A History of Nebraska's State Museum" Sponsored by UCARE

2012 Projects:

  1. Hannah Baker, "Student Publications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln" Sponsored by UCARE
  2. Ann Lesch and Annie Lieter, "English Theatre Portraits"

History 470: Digital History, Spring 2012 (Douglas Seefeldt, History):

  1. Sarah Machann, "Louise Pound Publications"
  2. Alec Slyter, "Love Memorial Library: A New Library for a New World (1941 - 1968)"
  3. Kala Essay, "UNL Campus Security: 1983-1992"
  4. Robert Perry, ""Divestment" Students React and Protest Against the Apartheid in South Africa, March 1966"
  5. Emilio Barrientos, "The Evolution of College Sports: The UNL Men's Swim Team 1922-2001"
  6. Felicia Nehl, "All That Jazz: the UNL Jazz Bands"
  7. Savannah Moyle, "A Century of Womanhood: Delta Delta Delta Sorority at UNL"
  8. Kelsey Jistel, ""No Men Allowed" The Associated Women Students at The University of Nebraska, 1911-1970"
  9. Brian Hage, "The Centennial Education Program: An Overview of New UNL Learning Strategies from 1969 to 1972"
  10. Dustin Vnuk, "Past People: The UNL Anthropology Department"

2011 Projects:

History 189H: Memory, Memorials, and History, Fall 2011 (Douglas Seefeldt, History):

  1. Austin Costello, Josh Lundquist, and Jedd Patterson, "1869-1889: The Beginnings"
  2. Olivia Sonderman and Hina Acharya, "1890-1899: A Golden Era"
  3. Erin Dougherty and Larissa Krenk, "1900-1909: Legacies, Football, and Dirty Oil Money"
  4. Chase Wurdeman and Mitchell Markin, "1910-1919: War, Suspicion, and a New Beginning"
  5. Timothy Brooks and Sara Hinds, "1920-1929: A Decade of Change"
  6. Emma Schneider and Silver Barrios, "1930-1939: The Dirty University Thirties"
  7. Hannah Vahle and Ashley Stelling, "1940-1949: War and Peace on the University of Nebraska Campus"
  8. Diem Tran and Chris Ganshert, "1950-1959: Success Through Troubled Times"
  9. Guillermo Godfrey and Kathryn Pauley, "1960-1969: The University Expands"
  10. Shane Kleier and Molly Haas, "1970-1979: A Decade of Conflict"
  11. Sarah O'Neill and Kyle Rieger, "1980-1989: Perseverance Through Tribulation"

2010 Projects:

History 189H: Memory, Memorials, and History, Fall 2010 (Douglas Seefeldt, History):

  1. Travis Schreier and Kaci Biederstedt, "Mabel Lee and Louise Pound"
  2. Philip Palomaki and Krystalin Stevens, "The Old Iron Gates"
  3. Matt Buescher and Andrew Melcher, "Charles E. Bessey"
  4. Matthew Graham and Brad Hohwieler, "Memorial Stadium"
  5. Aaron Kern and Emily Heineman, "The Schiller Linden Tree"
  6. Jesse Sladky and Nina Pickrel, "Willa Cather Memorials"
  7. Jared Roehrich and Kaleb Koehn, "C. H. Oldfather"
  8. Sarah Jarecke and Karly Williams, "The Broyhill Fountain"
  9. Peter Bock and Bethany Feis, "The Monuments of Memorial Stadium"
  10. Jackson Pahlke and Nathan Baker, "General John J. Pershing"
  11. John Hotovy and Derek Tiggelaar, "Native American Bones Controversy"
  12. Audrey Horrum and Lisa Temme, "'The Grand Old Man of Ag College'"

2009 Projects:

  1. "Disloyalty Trials at the University of Nebraska," Brett Michelson, Sponsored by UCARE

History 470: Digital History, Fall 2009 (Douglas Seefeldt, History):

  1. Jessica Dussault, "The Pride of All Nebraska: A Band's Growth from the Military Tradition"
  2. Kyle Grossoehme, "'For Nebraska, we will'- 1916 Nebraska vs. Oregon State"
  3. Jennifer Kroft, "Honoring the Mother Tongue: The Struggle to Establish and Maintain Czech Language Instruction from 1903-1919"
  4. Dustin Lipskey, "Bringing Students Together: The Nebraska Union 1936-1939"
  5. Pablo Rangel, "Cultural Plurality: The Struggle for a Chicano Studies Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln"
  6. Kourtney Smith, "'Well Anyhow We Done Our Damndest': The 1912 Yearbook Recall"
  7. Alex Wheeler, "An Endowment for Education: Nebraska & the Morrill Act 1862-1890"

The student projects listed below were completed between 2005-2008 in an older version of "Nebraska U":

2008 Projects:

History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008 (Douglas Seefeldt, History):

  1. Timothy Auten, "UNL Commencement in the Gilded Age (1869-1900)"
  2. Stephanie Demers, "Homecoming Decs the Depression: Tradition Outlasts Great Depression (1929-1940)"
  3. Bradley Earley, "'Coach Says Ross Will Play': The 1913 Protests by Kansas and Kansas State"
  4. Jillian Gotfredson, "'Citadel of Apathy'?: Student Activism at UNL, September 1968-May 1969"
  5. Drew Hartley, "Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball"
  6. Robert Kilts, "Men of the Museum 1869-1927"
  7. Jeffrey Miller, "UNL and the Dry Spell: Student Attitudes Toward Prohibition, 1931-1932"
  8. Alex Stamm, "Student Power on the Prairie: UNL in the Sixties"
  9. Ryan Treick, "Kampus Klan: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Ku Klux Klan, in the Early 1920s"
  10. Joshua Vapenik, "'Rowing? In Nebraska?' The UNL Crew Club: 1969-1980"
  11. Susannah Hall, "History of the UNL Science Departments" Sponsored by UCARE
  12. J.V. Dorsey, "Greek Life at the University of Nebraska" Sponsored by UCARE

2007 Projects:

  1. Kimberly Golden, "The Legacy of the Nebraska Art Association" Sponsored by UCARE
  2. Kimberly Kraska, "The Rise and Demise of the Latin School" Sponsored by UCARE
  3. Anastasia Smallcomb, "A Comparison of University Literary Societies at the University of Nebraska" Sponsored by UCARE

2006 Projects:

  1. Jody Imus, "Agricultural Communication" Sponsored by UCARE

2005 Projects:

English 418/818, Fall 2005:

  1. Aaron Hillyer, "Restrictive Construction"
  2. Beth Klopping, "Women in Sports"
  3. Amber Leichner, "Aaron Douglas at the University of Nebraska"
  4. Jennifer Moore, "University Days of Adelloyd Whiting 1894-1902"
  5. Bryce Rowell, "Field Days"

Other Student Projects:

  1. Natallia Tullis, "Ivy Days"

Staff and Faculty Projects:

  1. "An Architectural Tour of Historic UNL" by Kay Logan-Peters
  2. "University Hall ... a grand site on the open prairie"
  3. "Early Contributors to Graduate Education at UNL"