"For Nebraska, We Will"- 1916 Nebraska vs. Oregon State

A detailed look into the Nebraska Cornhuskers' first road trip outside the midwest for a football game. They traveled to Portland, Oregon to play the Oregon State Aggies. The game marked the first time that the Nebraska football team traveled outside the midwest to play an opponent. The game was organized with the help of the Cornhusker coach, E.J. Stewart. Stewart was a first year coach at the University and stressed the need for not only the football team, but all the sports to schedule tougher opponents in order to gain national respect, even if the risk of defeat was higher. Due to Stewart's, along with others, influence on athletics at Nebraska, a legacy of pride and confidence began to grow. The trip to Portland to take on the Aggies was just the first step.


Editor: Kyle Grossoehme, History 470: Digital History, Fall 2009