Past People: The UNL Anthropology Department

The Anthropology Department has been at the University of Nebraska Lincoln for many years in one form or another. In this archive I will show when it became its own department as well as some of the most important people in the department’s history since the beginning. Also I will show how the department has changed over the years by looking at its original course selection and how it has changed over the years as well as how the department has moved around the campus over the years.
While the Anthropology Department at UNL was created in 1945 there were a few colleges that created theirs earlier. The University of Kansas' Anthropology department has been around since the 19th century. However we were not the last College around to develop an Anthropology department. Iowa State University started theirs just 20 years ago in 1990. Still there are some Universities around that don’t have an Anthropology department.


Editor: Dustin Vnuk, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2012