First Report of the Board of Regents
In a short letter written to the board of regents, governor David Butler reports the state's University Fund. Governor Butler also mentions the federally allocated land, which at the time was being surveyed for sale.
Second Report of the Board of Regents
The regents formed a committee to secure the federally endowed land, so that sales might commence. Proceeds from sold land would enter the University Fund (sic).
Third Report of the Board of Regents
The Committee for Land Selection suggested to the state legislature, that the federally endowed land be sold or leased as soon as possible. Thus the profits may be invested and the annual dividends could supplement the university fund.
Fourth Report of the Board of Regents
The regents request that the process of surveying and allocating land be sped up, so that a steady income may be provided to the university. Additionally, the regents declare their intent to foster a university that is not solely fixated upon agricultural issues. Rather a serious focus should be dedicated to the " of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life."
Fifth Report of the Board of Regents
The regents again ask for the state legislature to act with haste in relation to the federally endowed land. Although the bureaucratic structure of the university was taking form, the physical university was at an impasse waiting for the proper funding.