The Campus Security Act of 1990

As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had become a safer learning environment for its students, the United States Government issued a law that would require colleges to release information on their crime statistics.  The Campus Security Act of 1990 requires colleges and universities to publicize significant crime incident statistics, notifications, and procedures.  Before this act came into play, UNL had already been releasing its crime statistics.  In an article written in 1990, comparisons showed that UNL was one of the safest campuses in the country.  “While total crime figures among university populations across the nation rank well below the general population, according to a survey conducted by Towson State University, UNL’s figures are even lower”.  Still, even with the increased security measures the university had take since 1983, it was still important to educate students about taking measures to ensure their own safety.  When educating the males about rape prevention, leaders of the program made sure to emphasize that when a woman says “no”, she means no, and when educating the women, they tried to teach them how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.