Ag. Extension

The Agricultural Extension of the University of Nebraska was hard at work during the Depression, helping farm families to survive the droughts and lack of funds. All 93 counties of Nebraska were surveyed and records were kept. These records included things such as number of farms per county and per town, maps of soil areas and types of farming areas, land utilization (i.e. crops, animals), and yields and profits. The Extension would hold field days with experimentation stations that included testing of plants, breeding work, and many experiments related to food. They also provided pamphlets of information about the Extension’s work and helpful tips. The Extension took pictures of different methods of farming and working and documented them for future reference. Things such as erosion management, explosives, and farm buildings and tools were captured to find new ways to approach farming. The Agricultural Extension was clearly dedicated to helping the poor farming families of Nebraska and their work did so much for the state (Agricultural Extension).