Trio of Sampsons

The "Trio of Sampsons" were really just a couple of professors who disagreed with how the school was being run, and so decided to do things a little bit differently.

George Church was the principal of the Latin school at the beginning of the University of Nebraska. He pressed for research as part of the curriculum, as well as encouraging his students to think beyond the curriculum.

Harrington Emerson supposedly knew 19 languages and was appointed Professor of Modern Languages at 23 in 1976. He disdained the lack of organization in the college and felt that academic records should be kept very carefully. He also felt that what the students were learning could be taught by tutors for half the salary the college was paying its professors.

George Woodberry was hired in 1877 and believed in instructing students in their own elected course of study impartially and scientifically. He believed moral lessons should be left out of class discussion.

The three were fired for causing too much commotion within the school and media in 1882/83, along with Fairfield for not being able to get along with or control his staff. (Prairie University)