Due to the increasing number of students, partly because of the GI bill, the need for expansion was becoming more prevalent.  To help alleviate the congestion and allow room for 670 more male students, a new dormitory underwent construction in 1954.  Completed in August, it offered housing and dining facilities to nearly 700 more students on campus. 

     More Room for classes and general educational purposes was also becoming necessary as student population grew (8,000 full time students and another 12,000 using UNL's educational facilities).  The new Nebraska Center for Continuing Education would be able to provide just the space that UNL needed.

     Finished in 1960, the building added conference rooms, an auditorium for 700 students and several other smaller auditoriums.  Additional lecture halls, offices, a cafeteria, and even hotel style rooms were brought to campus.  The new center assisted both undergrads and graduate students in many majors including agriculture, engineering, architecture, arts and sciences, teacher education, law, business administration, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and health sciences.  The building also offered a TV studio and control panel for the university television station, KHON-TV.