By the 1950s, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has ten colleges and four schools. There were College of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Dentistry, Engineering and Architecture, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy; Teachers College and Graduate College, School of Fine Arts, Journalism, Nursing and Graduate School of Social Work. 

Nebraska Constitution placed general government of University in Board of Six Regents, each elected for a term in 6 years.

There were about 7,000 students before World War II. The number increased to 10,500 several years followed. In 1955, 18,000 students from 44 foreigh countries were enrolled at the University. 

The physical plant, which included land, buildings, improvements and equipments, went from about $22 million in 1950 to more than $40 million in 1954. Trust funds for student loans and scholarships were about $565,187, and endowments that were supported by state tax funds and revenue from tuition were about $1,202,413.

In 1958, the University became one of the top 25 Universities according to the Educational Records Buereur, NYC. The research was recognized, they were awarded $1.5 million for research and training.