Chancellor Selleck

John K. Selleck, business manager of the University, was appointed to be an acting chancellor after Gustavson left the post in 1953. His service to the University had always been on the business side of the institution, and he was pleased to received the new assignment as acting chancellor as an expression of confidence from the academic staff (Omaha World-Herald)

During his term, he faced two serious problems, the dispute between the faculties of the Teachers College and the Graduate College and a growing public dissatisfaction with Nebraska intercollegiate athletics (Centenial History of the University of Nebraska II, pg. 165) Of major academic improtance during the Selleck administration was a clear policy on academic freedom adopted by the Board of Regents, resulted from the controversy case of Clyde Mitchell

The adminstration of John K. Selleck ended with the arrival on campus of the new chancellor, Clifford Hardin. Although the problems of the athlectic program and the relationship between the Teachers College and the Graduate College remained, actions had been taken which eventually led to their solution. When he reitred from the University in 1957, John Selleck was awarded the honory degree of Doctor of Laws.