'Nebraskans Looked Like Carnival Hoodlums,' Says New York Writer


'Nebraskans Looked Like Carnival Hoodlums,' Says New York Writer


The New York News had many interesting comments to make about the appearance of the Nebraska football team, fans, and R.O.T.C. band after the Nebraska-Army game.


Daily Nebraskan


University of Nebraska, Library Media Services, 38/1/2 Mfilm AP2 D355


1928, Nov 28


‘Nebraskans Looked Like Carnival Hoodlums,’ Says New York Writer

The New York News, printed in “lil old New Yolk,” had several comments to make after the Army-Nebraska clash at the Michie stadium at West Point last Saturday.
The New York writers seemed to take huge delight in commenting on the appearance of the Nebraskans while on the Cornhusker Special bound for the game and when the Nebraska team was on the field against the Cadets. Paul Gallico was the gentleman who pushed the typewriter keys on this article and below are a few on the comments:
“One of the Munn boys went in to play for Nebraska and it looked like the Singer building coming to life. It took the boy three seconds in the huddle to come down to sea level where he could hear the play called.
Band Is Not Unusual
“The Nebraska band played spiritedly, marched raggedly and were dressed like Western Union messengers.”
In Callico’s comment on the R. O. T. C. band from Nebraska, he probably meant that the boys looked quite dashing for the messenger boys are quite a dashing lot. At any rate if there was supposed to be irony in the comment on the band boys, we fail to see how it was brought about for the university
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Band is not considered unusual in the blue uniforms. . . . . .




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