Model Community Plan Revealed


Model Community Plan Revealed


Manzanar Free Press editorial staff


Periodical: Manzanar Free Press
volume: I
number: 5
pages: 5
April 25, 1942




While Manzanar is still rising from the sagebrush, wiping the dust from her skirts, blueprints for a busy contented community are taking shape. Spacious playgrounds for tots, homes amidst flowering landscape, a giant construction center housing many repair, and maintenance shops - these are some of the plans visualized by Ralph S. Brooks, who now takes on where the contractors end.

Already his assistants are busy drawing up plans for buildings, laying the basis for many production activities; meanwhile carrying on the maintenance of our rapidly growing community.

Playground spaces are allocated in units of four blocks where little tots, romping youngsters, youth and aged can have their own gathering place.

"In other words, every space in the city will be utilized for either practical or ornamental purpose. We are approaching this project systematically - and are carefully planning every step we are taking," says Mr. Brooks, who was chief engineer for the recreation dept. of LA Co.




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