PO Team Blows Big Lead, Bows To Blk. 20 Champs


PO Team Blows Big Lead, Bows To Blk. 20 Champs


the Topaz Times editorial staff


Periodical: Topaz Times
volume: VIII
number: 8
pages: 4
July 26, 1944




The championship block 20 team accepting the challenge of the vastly improved Post Office team received a scare that might have mired their undefeated record Monday night at field 30.

With the aid of Paul Hayashi's mighty circuit clout the PO boys forced ahead to a 6-run lead holding the mighty block 20 to only 3 runs while they pushed 9 across the plate.

It was the effective pitching of Hid Kashima for the Post Office that kept the block 20 aggregation down until the fatal last half of the sixth inning when by countless, costly errors the Post Office team collapsed. Block 20 capitalized on these errors bunched 8 runs, passing the PO squad and making the count 11 to 9 in their favor.

DOUBLE PLAY: Fighting till the last, the PO boys, after one out in the last inning, put a man on first bringing to bat T. Toyota who flied out to second baseman Sam Yamamot who intentionally dropped the ball, threw to 2nd and from 2nd to first causing a double play.

The pop-out was supposed to have been an automatic out but was called legal at that time. It was later found out that the rule was misinterpreted thus this hotly disputed ball game is called an unfinished one.

THE PITCHING: "Fireball" Sus Ota was touched for 11 hits while young Kashima allowed 7 hits.

Big sticks for both sides were: Kashima, K. Hitomi, and Hayashi, Sach collecting 2 hits for PO, while Sus Iwasa, stepping to the plate 3 times connected for 2 hits, double and single.
BLK. 20 110 018 0--11
Hits 211 012 0--7
Post Office 150 030 0--9
Hits 151 130 0--11

Post Office will accept any challenges. Please contact Kazuo Wada at PO.




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