Prof. Sarka Hrbkova


Šárka Hrbková was soon dismissed from her position at the University with the dismantling of the Slavonic department. The reason for her absence was an unknown illness which is alluded to in in several communications between her and Chancellor Avery in 1919. She was recuperating in Los Angles California in May of 1919 when notification of the departments demise reached her. She fought back with a firey letter to Avery and requested registration records to back up the case for keeping the language department. Her involvement as the chairman for the Nebraska Women's State Council of Defense and her supporting role in the University of Nebraska Loyalty Trials in the summer of 1918 may have caused the administration to terminate both Hrbková and the department.

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The Komensky Club 1919


The 1919 Komensky Club entry in the Cornhusker. The image of Šárka Hrbková appears on the opposite page in the annual. There is no further information about the club for this year. The entry includes a list of the club's officers.

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