Honoring a Legacy, a Call to Action

Sketch of the original Broyhill Fountain

After the tragic death of their daughter, the Broyhill family wanted a way for Lynn Diann Broyhill to be remembered on the University of Nebraska campus. They opted to have a fountain built near the Nebraska Union to honor her legacy. Through the family's $15,000 donation, a beautiful fountain was constructed on campus. The Broyhill Fountain aimed to be a tranquil yet inviting 'extension' of the Nebraska Union that welcomed all people on the University of Nebraska campus to utilize and enjoy it. (Broyhill)

Picture of the Union Plaza and original Broyhill Fountain

Designed by Howard Stong, the circular fountain measured 48 feet in diameter and was surrounded by concrete seating, so visitors could enjoy its sights and sounds. The main core of the fountain produced a cone of water 20 feet high and 12 feet in diameter. It also featured 12 smaller water jets that could be adjusted to produce a variety of shapes as well as size adjustments in relation to the wind.

The fountain also contained several underwater lights that could produce a variety of colors and lit up the fountain in the night. It also contained a special heating system, so the fountain could be functional year-round. (Miller)

Cover of the program for the dedication ceremony

The newly constructed fountain built in honor of the late Lynn Diann Broyhill was dedicated during Homecoming Week 1970. On Saturday, November 14, at 11 A.M., a ceremony was held to honor Ms. Broyhill and officially unveil the new Broyhill Fountain in the Union Memorial Plaza.

The ceremony itself was hosted by the Cadence Countesses, Nebraska Union Board, and Pi Beta Phi Sorority. The Nebraska Union Board Chairman, Andrew Cunningham, emceed the dedication. The fountain was presented by Diane Hyde, president of Pi Beta Phi, and was accepted by President Joseph Soshnik. The Broyhill Fountain was activated by the Vice President of the Board of Regents,  Dr. B.N. Greenberg, and Roy Broyhill, the father of Lynn Broyhill. Music at the dedication ceremony was provided by the University of Nebraska's Varsity Men's Glee Club.

A luncheon following the presentation recognized the Broyhill family's contributions to the University. (Program)