The Broyhill Fountain: The Story Behind the Focal Point of City Campus

This exhibit explores the story behind the construction of the Broyhill Fountain near the University of Nebraska's city campus Union and how it has evolved over time.

The fountain that exists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Union has long been a focal point of the city campus. Many students spend time near it or pass by multiple times daily, yet are unaware that there is actually an interesting story behind the fountain and that it was constructed as a commemeration for a student, Lynn Diann Broyhill, who had tragically died.

This project aims to provide information on the story behind the fountain through presenting a biography of Broyhill, exploring the construction and dedication of the original fountain, and telling of the reconstruction and rededication of the fountain to how it is seen today.


Editors: Sarah Jarecke and Karly Williams, History 189H: Memory, Memorials, and History, Fall 2010