The 1912 Cornhusker

Complete 1912 Yearbook

Cornhusker 1912

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Censored 1912 Yearbook

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Link to censored version in which pages have been removed: Censored 1912 Cornhusker

1912 Cornhusker Staff Photo

From top left to bottom right: Dana Van Dusen, editor; Harry Coffee, assistant editor; Ralph Sweeley, Varsity Activities Editor; Mark Hargrave, Classes Editor; Rex Davies, Military Editor; Katherine Yates, Literary Editor; Ernest Graves, Minor Activities Editor; Samuel Cotner, staff, Jokes and Literary; Ruth Munger, staff, Jokes and Literary; Sam Buck, College Life Editor.

Expected Criticisms


Throughout the pages of the 1912 Cornhusker, there is much evidence that Dana VanDusen knew that some of the material he and his staff were producing would not be pleasing to his classmates or the faculty of the university. Within the first few pages of the Cornhusker, there is a page entitled “Expected Criticisms” in which many complaints against the book are preemptively addressed in VanDusen’s sarcastic tone. One such preconceived complaint along with VanDusen’s reply goes as follows: “’Those slang descriptions and sketches are a disgrace to a college publication.’ If they get you mad, just think how we feel.” This instance shows that the staff of the Cornhusker felt as if it were their responsibility to reveal, through satire and sarcasm, truth about the life of the university within the pages of their book.