Letter, to All Regular Employees of the University


Letter, to All Regular Employees of the University


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A letter to all of the regular employees and faculty of the University detailing the process for which they can get a Union membership. In order to do so, one must pay the three dollar membership fee that the students normally pay per semester.


Schramm, E.F., president
Ramsay, Ray E., secretary


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Membership in the Student Union is now open, on a voluntary basis, to faculty and administrative officers, in or above the "monthly service class," and to alumni. (University pastors and the "Y" secretaries to be considered administrative officers; and members of the coaching staff to be likewise so considered.)

The dues are to be $3 for each semester, payable October 1 for the first semester and February 1 for the second; and $1 or $1.50 for the short or long session, respectively, of the summer session, payable in either case on June 15.

The Union members in this class are to have the use of the faculty lounge, and the use of a special dining room to serve food priced at cost. Likewise they are to have the same privileges as students to attend dances, recitals and lectures sponsored by the Union. (They may, of course, enjoy the cafeteria and grill room.)

Each member is to receive, on the payment of dues, a membership card valid for the particular period.

Wives or husbands and members of the immediate families of the members of this group are to enjoy full privileges of the Student Union.

The right to bring individual guests into the Union shall be that which is the usual privilege of a club member.

Should meal coupons be sold, faculty members, and others in the same group, may purchase them at the same rate as students.

Dues may be paid at the Union office, where membership cards will be issued. We hope you will avail yourselves of this opportunity to participate in the privileges and activities of the Union.

(Signed) Board of Managers

By: E.F. Schramm - President
Ray E. Ramsay - Secretary


Membership to the Union


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