Article, "Student Union to be Erected at 14th and R"


Article, "Student Union to be Erected at 14th and R"


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An article from the Lincoln Journal & Star from December 6, 1936 detailing the formation of a plan to build a student activities building (called the Student Union) on the northeast corner of 14th and R Streets. It details the locations that were considered, and also discusses the reasons why those locations were not chosen.


Lincoln Journal & Star


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1937, Dec. 6


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University Regents Name Site of $400,000 Structure; Add Student Fee.

The new University of Nebraska student union activities building will be constructed at 14th and R sts., the university regents decided Saturday morning. The $400,000 structure made possible thru a PWA grant of $180,000, will face south on the northeast corner of the intersection. Under terms of the grant, work must be started on the project by Jan. 11.

It was also decided to charge $3 a semester student union activities fee for all Lincoln students effective next fall in place of the $1 fee now being charged. This fee was originally approved by the students at the time they voted to pay for the building thru assessments.

The new building will be rectangular. It will have a frontage of 192 feet and will extend back 99 feet. It will be set back from R st. about the same as Ellen Smith hall. The site itself will be 150 by 250 feet.

The decision to locate this building at 14th and R came after a consideration of the other proposed sites. It was felt that a location near 12th and T sts. where the tennis courts are now located was best suited to a much needed classroom building to house academic departments. The site at the terminal at 13th st. facing on the quadrangle is reserved for a new library. The site on the northwest corner of 14th and R, now occupied by Ellen Smith hall, but was rejected due to the value of the existing building.

University officials feel that the location selected is desirable because it places the activities building on the rim of the campus between classroom buildings and the student resident area.


Student Union to be Erected at 14th and R


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