University of Nebraska Chancellors

From 1871 until 1968 the term president or chancellor represented the top administrator of the University of Nebraska. The title president came into use in 1971 following the merger of the Lincoln and Omaha campuses. It is the title given to the the adminstrator of the University system that includes the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of  Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Each university is administered by a chancellor.

For brief biographical information on each of the chancellors that served at the University of Nebraska, please visit "Past Chancellors" created by the Office of the Chancellor.

Allen R. Benton, 1871-1876

Edmund B. Fairfield, 1876-1882

Henry E. Hitchcock, 1882-1883 (acting)

Irving J. Manatt, January 1884-1888

Charles E. Bessey, 1888-1891 (acting)

James H. Canfield, 1891-1895

George E. MacLean, 1895-1899

E. Benjamin Andrews, 1900-1908

Samuel Avery, 1908-1927

Edgar A. Burnett, 1927-1938

Chauncey S. Boucher, 1938-1946

Reuben G. Gustavson, 1946-1953

John R. Selleck, 1953-1954 (interim)

Clifford M. Hardin, 1954-1969

Joseph Soshnik, 1968-1971

C. Peter Magrath, 1971-1972 (interim)

James Zumberge, 1972-1975

Adam C. Breckenridge, 1975-1976 (interim)

Roy Young, 1976-1980

Robert Rutford, 1980-1981 (interim)

Martin A. Massengale, 1981-1994

Graham B. Spanier, 1994-1996

James Moeser, 1996-2000

Harvey Perlman, 2000-2016

Ronnie Green, 2016-