"Citadel of Apathy"?: Student Activism at UNL, September 1968-May 1969

Project Editor:Jillian Gotfredson, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

Active or Apathetic?

Lincoln, Nebraska: A Reflection of the Movement on a Different Scale
Public Displays of Activism: from protests to talk-ins
Hyde Park Forum
Students Unite: committees, groups, and unions
Who Protests?
What is Apathy?
National Context: a timeline of student activism on campuses
International Context: a timeline of student activism on campuses
Works Cited

Editorial Note: Here are additional articles from the Daily Nebraskan concerning the Afro-American Collegiate Society in the 1968-1969 school year.
Articles and Images

 An article by Randy Reeves as seen in the March 5, 1969 Daily Nebraskan, c. 1969.
"Pourquoi" by Randy Reeves, c. 1969

An article by Connie Winkler as seen in the April 3, 1969 Daily Nebraskan, c. 1969.
"King rally encourages unity, community action," c. 1969

 An image as seen in the May 1, 1969 article "University increases black involvement," in the Daily Nebraskan, c. 1969.
An image of Wayne Williams, Dean, and Lenetta Harrold, c. 1969