"Citadel of Apathy"?: Student Activism at UNL, September 1968-May 1969

Project Editor:Jillian Gotfredson, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

Active or Apathetic?

Lincoln, Nebraska: A Reflection of the Movement on a Different Scale
Public Displays of Activism: from protests to talk-ins
Hyde Park Forum
Students Unite: committees, groups, and unions
Who Protests?
What is Apathy?
National Context: a timeline of student activism on campuses
International Context: a timeline of student activism on campuses
Works Cited

Editorial Note: These three articles present the situation among the two groups, SDS and ROTC, at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln).
Articles and Images

 December 9, 1968, c. 1968.
"SDS launches revival with ROTC protest demonstration", c. 1968

December 13, 1968, c. 1968.
"Campus Opinion", c. 1968

December 20, 1968, c. 1968.
"Academic military rank criticized, applauded" by John Dvorak, c. 1968

 Image from the December 12, 1968 Daily Nebraskan, c. 1968.
An image of SDS protesting ROTC, c. 1968

 An image from the 1969 Cornhusker, Volume 63, page 84, c. 1969.
SDS and ROTC, c. 1969