Demands By Amache Nisei


Demands By Amache Nisei


Chicago Tribune


Periodical: The Rohwer Outpost
volume: IV
number: 18
pages: 1
March 4, 1944




Washington, D.C., Feb. 26 (AP)-- Japanese Americans in the relocation center at Granada, Colo., have presented 11 demands on the War Relocation Authority, including a plea that they be given freedom to live and travel anywhere in the United states, Dillon S. Myer, WRA director, disclosed today.

Asking that camp occupants be restored their full rights as United States citizens, the letter to Myer said draft age Americans of Japanese ancestry had been responding to the call for military service and civilian responsibility to aid the war effort.

These requests were made: 1. That equal opportunity for service and advancement in the military forces be offered Japanese American draftees solely on the basis of individual merit and qualification; 2. That Japanese Americans who are called to the colors no longer be assigned to segregated units; 3. That the right to travel and live wherever he chooses be restored.

4. That evacuees be accorded all the rights and privileges which the Constitution gives them; 5. That any resettlement policy be coupled with adequate government protection and the economic means to start life anew; 6. That clarification be made regarding voting and residence status of Japanese Americans who become of age in the centers; 7. That the right to become naturalized citizens be extended to alien Japanese; 8. That pending resettlement evacuees be accorded treatment befitting loyal Americans and that adequate wages be paid them.

9. That vigorous effort be made by the government toward enlightening the "misinformed" American public with truth regarding the Japanese in America, and that the factual difference between the people of Japanese extraction who are loyal citizens of this country and the people in Japan be clearly presented; 10. That students of Japanese ancestry be freely admitted to all schools; 11. That the government establish adequate precautions so that the "sad" experiences of evacuation will never be repeated.




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