Americans Prove Americanism


Americans Prove Americanism


Henry Kusaba


Periodical: Granada Pioneer
volume: III
number: 16
23 December 1944
pages: 8




Amache youths are proving at war and at home the truth of President Roosevelt's declaration that Americanism is not a matter of race or ancestry, but a matter of the mind and heart. Every nationality from which our population has been drawn is represented among the young Americans who are fighting side by side to overthrow the Axis of powers - somewhere in the South Pacific, Italy and France.

So far seventeen Amache Nisei have sacrificed their lives; thirty-two were seriously wounded; one taken prisoner of war in Germany, and one still missing in action - all defense of our country's democratic principles. They have kept faith with American and have demonstrated their loyalty to the last degree. Many of them have fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, while some have wives and children, living in the centers.

All of the casualties, majority of whom are from California, were members of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which trained at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

The following list of casualties has been compiled by the Documentation Section of Reports Office, through telegrams received by their next of kin from the War Department.




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