Plans and Schedules


In 1972, Nebraska native, Vaughn Jaenike became the Special Assistant for the Arts to President D.B. Varner. Jaenike received his bachelor of music education, master of music, as well as his doctor of education at the University of Nebraska and then joined the university faculty in 1965, becoming a professor of secondary education and music education (UNL). The programs that Jaenike worked with encouraged teaching of humanities in the schools of Nebraska as well as some programs of extension of arts into communities (UNL). One of these arts extension programs was the 1973 tour of the UNL Jazz Lab Band to western Nebraska.

In early 1973, Jaenike got into contact with Dr. Elmer Miller to organize a tour for the UNL Lab Band led by Dennis Schneider (Jaenike). Jaenike and his secretary Virginia Luke contacted community leaders and school principals to set up locations for the three day tour.