A Century of Womanhood: Delta Delta Delta Sorority at UNL

Delta Delta Delta was begun by Sarah Ida Shaw and her two friends in November of 1888 at Boston College. The bold idea of a fraternal organization for women was unheard of, so the three women organized their own. Over the years, the women of Delta Delta Delta have progressed and spread relations throughout their community with philanthropy and other events. St. Judes became their official philanthropic outlet in the 1970's and since have raised money for the cause. 

The Tri-Delta sorority founder, Sarah Shaw, had originally declined bids from other sororities because of her religion, until she decided that she could create a sorority based with Christian values. Her friends agreed to help her begin it and soon enough the founding sisters had a group of women with Christian values for the sorority. 


Editor: Savannah Moyle, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2012