Ralph Grajeda

In the early 1970s Grajeda attended and graduated from UNL with a PhD. in English. Grajeda worked as an instructor in the English department while completing his Doctorate degree. Grageda was instrumental in the development of the Chicano Studies Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Newspaper photo, Ralph Grajeda

“In talking about cultural plurality, we’re not talking about dividing ourselves up into our separate ethnic backgrounds,” Grajeda said.  “We’re not talking about separatist movements."

Ralph Grajeda came to the University of Nebraska in 1969 to pursue a PhD. in English. While still a graduate student Grajeda was involved in local, state and national organizations which advocated for Chicano education. He emerged as a prominent member of the local and University Chicano community. During the struggle for the Chicano Studies program Grajeda was hired as an instructor by the department of English and was later hired as a full time professor. Grajeda would maintain a focus on the education of Chicano students throughout his tenure at the University.

education movement is rebirth

This article, written by Ray Walden, appeared in the Daily Nebraskan on February 2, 1978. The article describes the debate about bilingual education in the United States and points out that Nebraska, in 1922, played apart in the monolingual, English only, education system in the USA. It describes the opposing points of view of those in favor for and those against bilingual education. By looking at education in Nebraska within the larger national context of race and education Proffesors Ralph Grajeda and Miguel Carranza explain the inportance of education with a cultural perspective.

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Chicano professor attained 'goals despite 'Anglo rules'

This is an article from the Daily Nebraska February 10 1978, University of Nebraska-Lincoln newspaper in which professor Ralph Grajeda is interviewd about his connection to the Chicano Studies department.

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Grajeda Curriculum Vitae, 1972 Grajeda Curriculum Vitae, 1972

This is the Curriculum Vitae of Professor Ralph Grajeda in 1972. Within this document is evidence of Grajeda's involvement with many local and national Chicano organizations.

This is the vita that was submitted to the University at the beginning of Grajeda's employment as an instructor in UNL's English department.


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