Band to Make Rose Bowl Trek


Band to Make Rose Bowl Trek


After weeks of indecision and after many letters poured into the Chancellor's and band office, the athletic department decided to send the band, a decision which was announced across the top of the Daily Nebraskan front page.


Daily Nebraskan


University of Nebraska, Library Media Services, 38/1/2 Mfilm AP2 D355


1940, Dec 15


Band to make Rose Bowl trek

A red flag hung outside the office of Band Director Don Lentz early Saturday morning. To the average passerby it held no significance, but to the 126 members of the varsity band and “those in the know,” it mean that the athletic board had decided in Friday night’s meeting to send the band to Pasadena on New Year’s day.
According to present plans, as reveal by E. A. Gillaspie, manager of the band, and tour director, a special train made up of six cars will carry the band to the coast. The families of the band members and friends who have the train. Three sleepers, a diner, reservations will also travel on baggage car and one club car will form the band train.
Chancellor happy
Commenting on the band’s trip, Chancellor C. S. Boucher said: “I am delighted that the athletic board saw its way clear to send the band. It will represent the state and the university admirably.” The chancellor, his wife, and daughter, Jane, will leave Lincoln Dec. 21 to join the team in Phoenix the 23rd. For the remainder of the time they will stay with the team, traveling on to the coast aboard the team special.
In connection with the trip Don Lentz stated that the band would take part in the Tournament of Roses parade which precedes the game. The maneuvers which the band will present at the game will follow a new Year’s theme and will include the bell formation that was so well received at the Nebraska home games this years. Intensive practice of the maneuvers to be used at Pasadena will be held during the coming week, according to Lentz.
The Nebraska band itinerary to Pasadena will be the third time in 11 years that the band representing the opposing team has appeared in the Rose Bowl. The last time this occurred was in 1936 when Southern Methodist journeyed to the bowl with its bands.
The band special will follow the same route as the other bowl specials, traveling the southern route. The train will leave Lincoln Dec. 24 at 8 a. m. traveling to Kansas City, then continuing due south to El Paso, where the band members will take a one hour auto trip to Juarez, Mexico. The train will also stop for two hours in Phoenix, to watch the Huskers in training.
The Nebraska delegation is on schedule to arrive in Los Angeles, early Monday morning the 27th, and will probably be housed in the New Rosalyn hotel during the stay in Los Angeles. Seats were set aside some time ago in the bowl in the event that the Nebraska band did make the trip.




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