Survey, Student Union interests


Survey, Student Union interests


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This is a questionnaire given out to the instructional staff and faculty of the University of Nebraska, detailing some questions about what a faculty member might desire inside of the Student Union. If so, it asks if they would be willing to subject themselves to a fee.


Dean of Student Affairs


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1937, Dec. 7


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Members of the Instructional and Administrative Staffs
The University

Facilities for the Faculty in the Student Union -- December 7, 1937

Last May between sixty and seventy members of the faculty replied to an informal questionnaire indicating that they were interested in seeing certain facilities provided for faculty members in the Student Union. The results of this survey were presented to the Board of Managers of the Union at the time. Very recently the Nebraska Section of the A.A.U.P. appointed a committee to make a further inquiry concerning the matter, and in a report to the Section said committee asked that a survey be made of the faculty as to its interest in securing such facilities.

Will you therefore kindly read the items suggested by the committee's report and give your reaction to questions following each of them.

1. "A section of the second floor dining room is available for exclusive use of faculty men if some assurance can be given that it would be used by 30 to 40 persons daily for lunch." Would you eat lunch rather regularly in such a dining room in the Student Union provided the cost were no greater than incurred in reasonably priced, good dining rooms and restaurants downtown?

2. "Space which may be used for a separate faculty woman's dining room is still available and may be requisitioned." Would you make use of such dining service rather regularly should it be made available?

3. "A lounge 20 by 36 in the southeast corner of the second floor of the new building is still un-requisitioned. It is the opinion of the committee that this lounge may be reserved for faculty use by members who are willing to pay the regular Union fee charged students: hat is, three dollars per semester. The room would be unfurnished and unless some donor were persuaded to furnish it, the members using it would have to assume this expense. No separate lounge space is provided for faculty women." In the light of this information, would you be willing to pay:

1. $3 per semester for the privilege of such a lounge provided it were exclusively for men?
2. $3 per semester for the privilege of such a lounge provided it were used for both men and women, the time of use being divided between the groups?
3. In addition, $10 $20 $25 $30 -- in equal quarterly payments spread over two years for furnishing such a lounge?

Please return this form to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.


Facilities for the Faculty in the Student Union


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