Men of the Museum 1869-1927

Image of the Morrill Hall

Scanned Photograph of the Morrill Hall circa 1937

Museum Building, April 15, 1925

The current home of the Univeristy of Nebraska Museum of Natural Science is here in Morrill Hall. Build specifically to house and display to the public, Morrill Hall's construction owes mainly to the personal efforts of two men: Erwin H. Barbour and Charles H. Morrill. Professor Barbour toured museums around the United States and Europe, and brought what he saw back to Nebraska. Charles Morrill, a self-made man of wealth and Barbour's friend, used his politcal and financial power to support their mutual dream of a public museum. Nearly every school child in Nebraska has enjoyed a field trip to Morrill Hall and retains fond memories of "Elephant Hall" on the main floor. The building was completed and opened to the public in 1927, with Charles Morrill in attendance at the dedication.

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