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My Dear Barbour

Your at hand. I am informed from reliable sources that many who favor a building for Athletics will endeavor to force the Chancellor to recommend a building for such purposes. I do not believe that any faction can by such tactics force the Chancellor to assist in any way the carrying out of their demand. If so it would weaken the support the Chancellor now has from those most interested in the growth of the University. Some time ago I wrote the Chancellor that in case nothing was done

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toward erecting a building from the present available funds "I serve notice that I should not consider myself under any further obligation to assist in University work and upbuilding." I did not and do not make this statement a threat. Far be it from that. It is because we have waited for many years and while waiting worked untiringly to accumulate material trusting that the time was near when Nebr would do what other states have done in recognization of the results already obtained. If no recognition is to come then I ask why expend more time and more money for such purposes? I have no doubt the Chancellor will act as his good judgement tells him is right and just regardless of any pressure

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that may be brot to bear on him. If there is not a warrented demand for a Museum building, then you and I have been "barking up the wrong tree" for 35 years and we better repent our error, and it seems to me now is the time on our part for about face. I have the fullest faith in Chancellor Avery and in his judgement and my good opinion of him will not change, but personally I will say to you so far as I am concerned this is the turning point, and if it is decided that the Museum is a disgrace to the University and no appropriation can be made to better it, then I am thru and consider myself under no further obligations whatsoever.

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The Chancellor and Regent Landis fully understand what I personally propose to do-- You from your past experiences know I make no false promises. If after building the Stadium the next building must be a gym then at what future time can we hope for a museum building? There will be demands for a new library building, a new power building, an Art Gallery and buildings in Omaha and at the farm. The rapid growth of the University makes demands that cannot all be met at once. We have waited long and patiently-- Made no positive demands and never a threat and we do not propose to urge our claims beyond making a reasonable request backed by promises that have

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been made you.

The other night I had a dream-- I drempt I was dead and singing a song as follows-----

"If I had lived ten thousand years
And worked like a son of a gun,
I'de still be working for a Museum Building
And the building not yet begun!"

You can show this letter to the Chancellor if you see fit. Let me know if you do without fail.

As Ever Yours Truly

C.H. Morrill


Edwin H. Barbour, Papers
Spec RG 32/1/1
Periodical: Box:1
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