Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball

Project Editor:Drew Hartley, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

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Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball
1st Sport at UNL: (1883/4)
MVC Closes Program: (1911)
Brief Season: (1912)
Attempted Revival: (1917)
The Final Revival: (1919)

The Final Revival (1919)

After three whole years of not playing a single baseball game, the Nebraska Cornhuskers again revived the beloved baseball program. Coach Paul Schissler started a brand new season with a large number of players, which he then chose his team for the upcoming season. There was one player who had been a part of the last team which attempted to revive (1917) who tried out for the team in 1919. John Picket, the man who had played on the previous team was named team captain for the season (1920 Cornhusker, 254). The beginning of the first season back was a bit rough for the Huskers as they dropped the first four games of the season. The team did hit stride midway through the season and went on a winning streak. The team ended the season with a 7-6 record as the excitement of the students grew with each game of the season. The revival was for good and the baseball program added more and more games to the schedule every year.

Photos of Baseball Players for the Revival Season

A Page From the Student Yearbook After Baseball had Been Revived
A Page From the Student Yearbook After Baseball had Been Revived