Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball

Project Editor:Drew Hartley, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

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Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball
1st Sport at UNL: (1883/4)
MVC Closes Program: (1911)
Brief Season: (1912)
Attempted Revival: (1917)
The Final Revival: (1919)

Attempted Revival (1917)

After 5 years without an intercollegiate baseball game being played, Nebraska was once again holding a try-out for amateurs who wished to play baseball (1918 Cornhusker, 111). Baseball was not just dead to the University of Nebraska at this time, but the entire Missouri Valley Conference lacked to play many intercollegiate games due to World War I. During the spring of 1917, the tryouts were held and a team was fielded in hopes of competing against other schools during the summer. The season turned out to be nothing short of a dream, as the team was fielded but no games were played that summer, and the Nebraska baseball program remained dead for yet another season.