Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball

Project Editor:Drew Hartley, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

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Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball
1st Sport at UNL: (1883/4)
MVC Closes Program: (1911)
Brief Season: (1912)
Attempted Revival: (1917)
The Final Revival: (1919)

Brief Season (1912)

After a full season without baseball, there was an attempt at reviving the program and putting Nebraska baseball back on the map. There was an open try-out for any student who wanted to participate in the program. The try-out was successful and a team of nine was fielded to start a new season of baseball. During the 1912 season, the Cornhuskers had a record of 3-0 beating Doane College, Tarkio College, and Kearney Normal before the season was again abandoned (Media Guide, 130). The three games proved to be a success, but Nebraska went five more years without a baseball team.

Records of Early Nebraska Baseball Teams
Records of Early Nebraska Baseball Teams