Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball

Project Editor:Drew Hartley, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

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Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball
1st Sport at UNL: (1883/4)
MVC Closes Program: (1911)
Brief Season: (1912)
Attempted Revival: (1917)
The Final Revival: (1919)

Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball

Baseball has been known as America's past-time through the days of war and violence of the early 1900's (Goldstein, 122). Today is no different as baseball thrives through High School, College and Professional teams. At the University of Nebraska, College athletics have been a major staple of success and wealth since the day the University was founded in 1869. At this time, intercollegiate athletics were rare, but there was heavy competition between students who attended the University. At a University which is known for the Cornhusker football program, the Nebraska baseball program had lived in the shadow of football season until recently thanks to the likes of professional baseball players like Alex Gordon and Joba Chambarlain. The new found popularity was due in part to the recent success of the baseball team which has reached post season glory on nothing short of a regular basis. But this success was not always a possibility as the Cornhusker baseball team was threatened with being shut down forever after Cornhusker players participated on professional teams during the summer months.

A photograph of Adelloyd Whiting Williams waving a University of Nebraska Banner, c. 1900.  DOI: 2006