Homecoming Decs the Depression: Tradition Outlasts Great Depression (1929-1940)

Project Editor:Stephanie Demers, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

Table of Contents

In the Beginning
Rules & Judging
UNL and the Great Depression
1930s Decoration Winners

Rules & Judging

Throughout the 1930s, the Daily Nebraskan would print the rules for the homecoming decoration competition. They usually consisted of a spending limit, application deadline, and mandatory items each decoration needed to have in order to be eligible for competition.

First, each house was only allowed to spend $25 on the house decoration. Second, each house was required to submit a listing of all expenditures. In the years surrounding the cancellation years, the judges took into consideration the amount spent on the decorations when choosing winners of the competition. Another requirement for judging stated each house must use floodlights to illuminate the house decorations, as the judging took place after dark. (DN 10-20-29)

Typically, the judging team included two or three faculty members and/or alumni board members, and occasionally, two or three members of the Innocents Society. (DN 10-25-39)