Homecoming Decs the Depression: Tradition Outlasts Great Depression (1929-1940)

Project Editor:Stephanie Demers, History 470: Digital History, Spring 2008

Table of Contents

In the Beginning
Rules & Judging
UNL and the Great Depression
1930s Decoration Winners

The lawn displays and decorations adorning Greek row began in 1923. The decorations began as a competition hosted by the Innoncents Society. By the late 1920s, almost every Greek house joined in the fun, welcoming grads and the opposing team with elaborate lawn displays. Each fraternity and sorority, if participating in the competition, would build a lawn display to coincide with the homecoming theme. While most houses participated, it was not required.

When the competition first began, category divisisions were split between fraternities and sororities. First and second place from each division were awarded silver trophey cups. THe judging took place the Friday night before the big game. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta brough home silver cutps in the first ever homecoming decoration compeitition.