[Editorial Note: Letters from John McConihe to J. Sterling Morton copied with permission of the Nebraksa State Historical Association on 17 January 2008 from the MS7 J. Sterling Morton Papers, 1849—1862, Roll 2. Copy and reuse restrictions apply; see the Nebraska State Historical Society Use Policy (http://www.nebraskahistory.org/lib-arch/services/refrence/use_policy.pdf). ]

J. Sterling Morton Papers, 1849—1862
Roll:2 #8309
Nebraska State Historical Society


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Dear Sterling

You last letter came too late, as all the papers had been sent to Estabrook. Nothing was sent but what you yourself would have ordered.

Great has been the excitement in this our quiet City for the past two days. There has been no murder, no hanging of horse theives, no fire neither an earthquake nor an freshet; But Geo. Graves of the "News Depot" and Old Wyman of the "Post Office" have disagreed upon several very important matters, such as whether the front door should remain open or shut, whether George should pay more postage than he owed, whether George should desecrate that Post Office structure by selling "Soda Water" therein. Upon all these points the above parties wrangled, the Old Dotard removing the locks from the doors,

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saying they should be open and "Geor them with boards declaring they sho To such an extent did these spindle—shanked—mum—mies carry their windy—warfare, that it was im—possible for them both to remain in such close proximity, consequently the Older Mummy gave up, and with the assistance of his sweet wife, $ and the still more interesting School Commissioner he moved himself and "taps" into the office lately occupied by Burrows, Millard and Co. Deep and unceasing have been the cursings given old Wy—man for this move and but few seem pleased. This has caused the excitement and most won—derful has it been. The waters are somewhate quieted by night.

With many regards to Mrs Morton and Lyman

I remain
Your friend

John McConihe


Lyman's Mother, Mrs Pope Wallace &Co, and Mrs Gilmore moved today. Mrs Jewel has gone and Miss "Latin" is sewing at Patricks. Capt has not come down.