John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Dear John

I was disappointed last evening in not receiving money by mail which I had been assured would be sent, Consequently I have drawn on you at eight for $100# which I trust you will pay. Within twenty days, perhaps by Saturdays express, I shall receive money from Denver and the delay of the train has knocked my calculations. I am anxious to pay everything here the day specified, as my credit is & will be worth more to me than my capito al. We get no money from Government and I base no cal—culations upon its receipt. Clopper and self should have now from that source nearly $1400#. The salary of the Officers of the Territory is not paid yet, a thing that has neer before happened. The W.S. Marshal has had no money to pay the

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expenses of the Courts and in that way he is indebted to the people over $5000#. The fact is our Government exists only in name. The sooner all hands get to fighting the sooner affairs will be settled. I believe in "blood—letting" eating and scalping, until the belligerants have their fill.

Omaha is safe and will hold her own. No secession here and as we do not vote we will not fight. Rascals will be hung right up on the frist provovation by our Citizens. "Criminal Law" is a dead thing, and Lynch law is in force.

Your friend

John McConihe

I am averse to asking more of you, as you have been generous in the extreme, But, John, I must keep up and moving and you are my main spring. I will always do by you as I say.