John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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I drew on you to day[sic] at sight for $344 52/100 in favor of Meprs Hawke and Nuckolls.

A sudden contingency called on me to raise that amount, without any precious knowledge of the fact and the question was, shall I borrow it in Omaha or drew here.

I concluded not to use my credit here at present, and of course there was no one elsewhere, except John B Kellogg. I drew at sight thinking you would be as well prepared to pay

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as upon five or ten days time. The draft will be made good by me at any time within 10 days if desirable. Still I think I will send you note in a day or two made by Morton &self and take the balance of the $1000#.

This money was used for a particular purpose which you would take no interest in having explained. Suffice it to say, I will make it pay me, and I hope you.

I cannot get East just now. I have one or two schemes on hand, which require personal attention. I intend to make some money within the next three months. Confidentially, I hope

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to get ahead and do not wish you to say anything to Father about my operations. I have said nothing different to him, and he may think I should inform him fully about matters. But there is no special reason for so doing, and I therefore prefer not.

Please collect of Samuel and the amount due you. Will write you one of my schemes in a day or two. Wait for the wagon.


John McConihe

P.S. Will write to—morrow[sic]— all well.