John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I did not answer your inquiry relative to Warrant 83,595 not fully understanding the matter and now think that it was a warrant of my own, that was in the safe where your first lot came. I had a Warrant in the safe then, that I had purchased here and that must have been the one. Consequently my a/c with you would be as follows,

Rec'd from you98 Warrants
Accounted for87 "
Sent to Leav.City12 "
99 thus accounting

for one Wt more than received, which would make our a/c as follows

Nov. 8thDue you from sale of Wts not deducting my charges as per statement$133.14
" "Accounted for 1 Wt by mistake a 148.00
Due me from you14.86
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all of which I trust is correct.

With Mr Walker my account is as follows.

Rec'd of him 11—160 acre Warrants
" " " 10—120 " "
" " " 8— 80 " "
Accounted for 3—160 acre Warrants
Accounted for 6— 80 " "
Sent to Leav. City 1— " " "
Accounted for 10—120 " "
Leaving five — 160 acre Wts and one 80 to be accounted for and which stand as follows
Nov 1 Due Walker as per Statement$427.
" " " " for 5—160 @ $148740.
Nov. 19—Sent Walker — — — — —$200
Dec 7—" "702
Cash due Walker not included service—-265
$1167 —$1167.00
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Land Warrant 41,880 was sold at Neb. City for $70 it being the last Warrant sold and consequently sold cheap.

Our matters then stand as follows.
You owe me cash sent as above $14.86
Services say 200.00
Due me — — — — — — $214.86
Due Walker to balance — — — 49.64
Cash due Walker as above — — — — — — — — $265.00
80 acre Wt, as above — — — — — — — — — — 70.50
Exp.chg.on $702 — — — —$10.50
Services say — — — —60.00
70.50 — — — — — —— — 70.50

All of which is respectfully submitted for your consideration.

As to services, John, I do not con—sider my charge as any pay for service rendered. $500 would be considered a very small charge for the risk trouble and time expended. I only ask a little something

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in lieu for my time. Supposing I had lost part of the Warrants, I was personally holden for them. I spent some 4 weeks in the Southern portion of the Territory and have actually paid agents to sell Warrants much more than I charge you. I gave up everything to attend to your matters and have faithfully and honestly en—deavored to do all I could to get you out of a scrape. I sent you money before Agts made returns to me, and have sent you funds, as soon as received in sufficient amount to forward. Have not used a dollar of your money in any way nor received any benefit from the transaction. In fact have done all I could to assist you and play well my part. Have pused personal efforts to sell and have offended seceral Agents because I would persist in selling cheaper than they did and would not bind myself to any particular price. I did write you that I would be reaso—nable in my charges and would do the

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fair thing. I did not imagine that interest and bonus for money would be charged up against Warrants, as you will recollect that when I was in Troy in 1858, we figured up a Warrant business and con—cluded that interest and expenses would eat up the profits. The time lost in trans—mitting Warrants and returing the Gold would always be greater than the profits, especially where a large amount is pur—chased at a time and to be sold by chance and at any time. Interest is certain, sale uncertain.

I never advised you to go into this speculation and if I had would have felt, in honor bound to have have given my services for your capital and to have divided profit and loss. As it is I do not consider that I have charged you for "services rendered," as I have not, but only a small compensation, enough to make me whole for neglect of business and loss of time. I earnestly hope you will

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look at this matter as I do, and believe that I am endeavoring to deal with you honestly fairly and squarely, as I think our intersts are in common and that we should understand each other fully. You can help me and I can you. The day will soon dawn when we can reap the harvest, we intended to garner in this Country; and I can assure you, we will never again reap a whirlwind as we have done the past two years. I feel gratified to know that I was not swamped in the panic and that my credit here is good, is intact. I have striven for this and have accom—plished it. I do not speak of these things in a vain spirit, but rather in a grateful tone. The skies to me have been black and dark, the times have been awfully portentious of ruin; but now the sunlight of heaven is glimmering through the clouds and I hope, I trust, that I shall be eventually suc—

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cessful in this Country, and all that I ever hoped for will be accomplished. But I have said enough, perhaps too much, still it is the beginning of a "new year," and if one can at any time review his course and exult or despond, in its results, surely this is the time. Consequently I beg your pardon, for this effusion of my feelings and hope soon to see you personally in Troy. I think of you all often, and again and again, I feel like returning to my friends and home.

With regards to all I remain Your Friend

John McConihe

P.S. Enclosed I send you draft of Bank of Washington No 734 on Am. Exch Bk N. York for $50, which please place to Land Warrant a/c